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Criminal Investigations


Constant Investigative Services, INC. is experienced at assisting attorneys in the legal representation of our clients.

Prosecuting attorneys have the resources of any and all police agencies on the planet. If the need is great enough, they have access to assistance from the FBI, CIA, Interpol, and even the Mossad. They can acquire the technical assistance of forensic psychiatrists, DNA analysts, and technical engineers.

The average defense attorney has private investigators. In other words, us. For that reason we have to be familiar with every aspect of a criminal investigation and understand how to direct the attorney in acquiring expert witnesses as they are needed.

What is a Criminal Investigation?

Criminal Investigation is the process of discovering, collecting, identifying, preparing,analyzing, and presenting evidence, often directly from or elated to a crime scene, to prove the truth or falsity of an issue of law.

About Criminal Investigations

In any criminal investigation, the police department and its resources are the investigative tool of the prosecuting attorney. A simple phone call will put into action any investigation needed. This is paid for by the local, state or federal government. Defense attorneys, even those who are retained, can only rely on their staff and hopefully an experienced private investigator who can review the police methods and procedures and ensure that it was conducted correctly in accordance with the law.

Goals of Criminal Investigations

Criminal acts vary widely, as does the quality of crime scenes and the presence and reliability of witnesses. But all criminal investigations have similar general goals.

1. To determine, first of all, if a crime has been committed.
2. To obtain, legally, evidence and information to identify the person or persons responsible for the crime.
3. To find and arrest the suspect or suspects.
4. To recover property, if any has been stolen.
5. To present the prosecuting attorney with the best possible case.

Private investigators assist defense attorneys in defending their clients with limited resources that their clients can muster. We also strive to ensure that justice is served for our clients who are innocent and are falsely accused.

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