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Classes Available

We offer all of the classes listed below.

Private Investigator (02)

SC02E Private Investigator

Virginia Law and Regulations, Ethics, Evidence and Privacy Requirements, Surveillance, Research and Interviewing. Report Preparations; Audio Recording, Photography and Courtroom Testimony. Types of Investigations: Accident; Background; Domestic; Undercover; Fraud; Missing Persons and Property; and Criminal.

Price: $650

SC02I Private Investigator 

Legal authority, Job related training.

Price: $300

Security Officer/Courier-Armed and Unarmed (01)

SC01E Security Officer Core Subjects 

Virginia Law and Regulations, Ethics, Courtroom Procedures, Security Patrol, Access Control, Communications, Report Writing, Emergency Procedures, Confrontation Management.

Price: $200

SC01I Security Officer Core Subjects 

Legal Authority and Job-Related Training

Price: $80

Personal Protection Specialist (32)

SC32E Personal Protection Specialist

Personal Protection Orientation, Virginia Code and DCJS Regulations, Assessment of Threat and Protectee Vulnerability, Legal Authority and Civil Law, Protective Detail Operations, Emergency First Aid, CPR, Advances, Surveillance Detection and Defensive Preparedness. Firearm Care and Maintenance. Civil/Criminal Liability, Firearm Retentions and Storage, Deadly Force, Range Safety, Principles of Marksmanship, Firearms Handling and Safety, Judgmental Shooting, Low Light Shooting Familiarization. Proper Care and Maintenance, Civil/Criminal Liability, Weapon Retention, Deadly Force, Range Safety, Practical Firearms Handling, Principles of Marksmanship, Decision-Making for the Personal Protection Specialist.

Price: $900

SC32I Personal Protection Specialist

Administration and personal protection orientation:  Signs of Terrorism, Applicable sections of the Code of Virginia and DCJS regulations, Assessment of threat and protectee vulnerability, Legal authority and civil law, Protective detail operations; Emergency procedures, CPR, Emergency first aid, Defensive preparedness.

Price: $400

Armed Security Officer Arrest Auth.  (05E)

SC05E Armed Security Officer Arrest Auth. 

Arrest Powers, Polices and Procedures. Citizen or legal resident alien of the United States.

Price: $350

SC05I Armed Security Officer Arrest Auth. 

Arrest Powers, Policies, Procedures

Price: $200

Special Conservator of the Peace  (06)


Virginia Law and Regulations, Ethics, Legal Procedures/Due Process, Criminal Law and Constitutional Law, Use of Force/Liability Issues, Arrest Warrant/Virginia Uniform Summons Procedures, Rules of Evidence and Court Room Testimony.

Price: $600


Legal authority, Job related training.

Price: $300

Bail Bondsman (40)

40E Bail Bondsman 

Bail bondsman core training. Ethical standards, law, fugitive recovery, responsibilities of bondsman and remanding to custody, documentation.

Price: $550

40I - Bail Bondsman In-Service Training

Bail Bondsman In-Service training must be completed every 24 months, prior to expiration.  As with the entry level course, all appropriate Virginia DCJS forms and fees must be submitted to successfully re-qualify as a Bail Bondsman.

Price: $250


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